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network & service assurance

Making unified NMS for all your network domains and services a reality

Turning experience into code

We are experienced OSS/NMS enthusiasts creating software to make your everyday network & service operations run smoothly.
What we cover
OSS for Telecoms
Management for Data Centers
NMS for Enterprises

What we can do for you

Telecom OSS

Optimize your business operations with an end-to-end solution for service fulfillment and service quality management. Enhance your OSS with flexible resource management, monitoring, analytics and prediction tools.

Enterprise network management

Detect and quickly resolve any issue in your enterprise network and data center. Gain constant insight into your network performance and anticipate problems in real time with a 360° view portal.
Team of
Working on
More than
years of telecom experience
Meet Inceptum
With strong expertise in the telecom industry, we build technology that helps our clients optimize their network and service operations.

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