Automating service provisioning with Inceptum’s MetaSwitch API

Automating service provisioning with Inceptum’s MetaSwitch API

In a complex telecom service provider environment, creating automatization of service fulfillment process for voice services is a big challenge. Telecom service providers usually have many versions of voice services, each of which comes with its own caveats. For engineers and other staff this can present a challenge because it slows down the service activation process.

Speed up and automate service configuration and activation using Inceptum’s Metaswitch API

Inceptum’s Metaswitch API enables telecom service providers to simplify and speed up their voice service configuration and activation processes by providing a simple means of automatization.

Metaswitch API flow chart

Benefits of automated provisioning

1. Automatization of voice service configuration

Inceptum’s Metaswitch API can speed up and enable full automatization of voice services on a Metaswitch platform. This can enable a telecom service provider to, for example, enable activation of services through a third-party BPM or CRM system. To go even further, the Metaswitch API can enable integration with self service solutions and push the activation of services to the customer side while reducing calls to the service centre.

2. Simplification and security

Another benefit of using Inceptum’s API is the security it provides by creating another layer between the Metaswitch platform and external BSS / OSS / NMS systems. Inceptum Metaswitch Proxy API provides REST API to the Metaswitch voice platform. It unifies and simplifies MetaView and MetaSphere SOAP interfaces into one API.

What is involved in Inceptum Metaswitch API

Inceptum Metaswitch Proxy API is suitable for provisioning processes toward the Metaswitch voice platform to activate/deactivate/change/delete services. It supports provisioning standalone (subscribers or phone lines) and PBX services. Multiple services or types of services can be provisioned using just one API call.

Key Features of Inceptum Metaswitch API:

  • MetaView and MetaSphere SOAP components supported by Metaswitch voice platform
  • Suitable for provisioning and process management to activate/deactivate services on Metaswitch
  • Provisioning stand-alone voice services
  • Provisioning PBX services
  • Simple provisioning of multiple services and service types, or service type subcomponents
flow chart : Solution architecture Inceptum Metaswitch API

Moving forward to full service configuration and activation automation

Telecom service providers usually have distributed and unconnected silo systems which are often legacy platforms with different integration points, often using undocumented API interfaces. On top of that, telecom service providers usually have a wide variety of vendors and versions of end-user CPE equipment which all have different integration methods and implemented standards. Implementing a new platform or devices in such an environment can get very complicated.

Because of all these potential pitfalls full service activation automation is a challenging task. By using Inceptum Metaswitch proxy API solution, we can activate different services such as data, Internet, voice, and other simple or more complex services while reducing operational overhead, time to service activation and the number of incidents. Integration with self-service portals or mobile applications can enable customers to activate or change different options without a need to call customer support or sales.

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