Emeldi Group and Inceptum announce strategic partnership

Emeldi Group and Inceptum announce strategic partnership

This partnership is a perfect fit for customers worldwide that need to increase their network efficiency in the rapidly changing and challenging CSP 5G environment.

Inceptum is proud to announce that it has entered a new strategic partnership with Emeldi Group. Emeldi is a leading software provider to the telecommunications industry, offering a disruptive product Emeldi Commerce® – an enterprise-grade, unified omni-channel commerce, and CRM.

This partnership will combine Emeldi Group’s business & solutions expertise in telecom customer-facing solutions, e-commerce, CRM, enterprise product catalogue, and software development with Inceptum’s umbrella OSS solutions that are built for today’s increasingly demanding CSP’s customer-centric environment.

It is through such partnership that, among many significant business values, Inceptum and Emeldi Group create an agile and prestigious partnership in the Central & Eastern European region that will reach customers worldwide.

“We, at Emeldi Group, are proud to engage in such a relationship with Inceptum. We believe that it is a perfect fit for our local and international customers that need to increase their network efficiency in the rapidly changing and challenging CSP 5G environment. We are looking forward to strengthening and developing this partnership further towards achieving common goals.”

Dusan Bystriansky, CEO of Emeldi Group

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with Emeldi Group. Transmitting various types of information with precision and speed is a key demand of clients in the CSP industry today.

We look forward to this collaboration and aim to work together, not just technically but also culturally, to reach a common goal in enabling telco’s agility and flexibility through Inceptum’s umbrella OSS, thus bringing more value to its customers.”

Zdenko Vrdoljak, CEO of Inceptum

About Emeldi Group: A leading provider of software solutions in the customer-facing BSS domain and specialist in digital commerce and CRM, their focus is on large enterprises, namely within telecommunications. Emeldi Group has over 50 enterprise customers.

Emeldi Group has developed an all-in-one solution on a consolidated platform, which brings to CSPs and MVNOs the benefits of simplification of customer acquisition and related customer management lifecycle processes.

Features of Emeldi Commerce®:

  • Omni-channel CRM
  • Enterprise Product Catalogue
  • Order Management
  • Lead Management 
  • Smart City 5G IoT Marketplace Platform
  • CPQ – Service & Care 
  • Analytics
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