Hybrid data center & network management

Hybrid data center & network management

Manage your whole IT hybrid infrastructure with a touch of Telco
Data center, network and application data on a single screen
Monitor IT and network resources efficiently and react promptly
Document your data center and network resources, quickly pinpoint the problem

UMBOSS 4E is Inceptum’s flagship software product suite that provides the unified management of your hybrid data center, cloud and network infrastructure across domains.

Vendor independent and battle tested in IT environments of manufacturing, aviation, ICT services, transportation, government and other industries.

UMBOSS 4 Enterprise

UMBOSS 4E is a modular umbrella product suite for enterprise that addresses critical challenges in hybrid data center, network and cloud infrastructure.

Fault and Performance Management

The UMBOSS 4E Fault and Performance Management (FM & PM) Modules enable IT teams to check the health of their entire enterprise IT infrastructure. Get real-time status of the system by monitoring any device, service or application using a variety of protocols and methods.

“Single Pane of Glass” Portal

The UMBOSS 4E Portal gives IT teams a “single pane of glass” experience, with all relevant information about the state of their IT infrastructure on a single screen.

Automatic Discovery and Reconciliation Management

The UMBOSS 4E Automatic Discovery and Reconciliation Management (ADM) Module provides fully automated discovery of physical and logical resources in a heterogeneous network and IT environment. Resource inventory is always accurate and up to date.

Essential Resource Management

The UMBOSS 4E Network Device Management (NDM), Address Book (AB) and Configuration Management (CM) Modules help with IT infrastructure inventory, locations and device configurations.

Hybrid Data Center Infrastructure Management

UMBOSS 4E joins forces with FNT DCIM to enable complete end-to-end resource management of your IT.
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