UMBOSS 4E Automatic Discovery and Reconciliation Management

UMBOSS 4E Automatic Discovery and Reconciliation Management

UMBOSS 4E ADM enables data center, network and cloud infrastructure inventory accuracy and up-to-date inventory data stores.

Keep resource inventory accurate and up to date

The UMBOSS 4E Automatic Discovery and Reconciliation Management (ADM) Module is specialized in the discovery of active equipment and logical resources (e.g. active network components).

When resource inventory is being newly established and initial data needs to be stored, UMBOSS 4E ADM plays a crucial part. That inventory should be regularly updated – UMBOSS 4E ADM does the hard work for you.

It is vendor and protocol agnostic and expandable to support new components. Also, it supports most common vendors and multiple communication protocols out-of-the-box.

Complex heuristic algorithms are key

Topology discovery is a process based on complex heuristic algorithms. UMBOSS 4E ADM supports various protocols to discover topology on different physical and logical layers, crawls through devices and platforms of many vendors, builds topology structure, and documents it.

Some of the protocols supported by UMBOSS 4E ADM are:

  • standard NBI API of 3rd party management systems
  • L2 Topology (LLDP)
  • L3 Topology
  • BGP
  • IS-IS
  • OSPF
  • RSVP
  • BFD
diagram of UMBOSS 4E NDM

Really great features of UMBOSS 4E ADM

  • Discovered information is reconciled using ADM’s Reconciliation Engine (RE).
  • Reconciliation rules define how and when the newly discovered inventory data is updated, added, replaced, or even deleted in your resource inventory.
  • UMBOSS 4E ADM is integrated with UMBOSS 4E NDM and other commercially available inventory systems.
  • Discovered device information is manually or automatically enriched with additional information such as geographic location, address, etc.
  • Discovery can be invoked manually, or jobs can be scheduled to provide regular discovery and reconciliation processes.
  • UMBOSS 4E ADM provides a specialized administration application that allows the management of discovery and reconciliation processes.

Benefits of automatic discovery are clear

  • Live resource data is regularly reconciled with inventory
  • No component is added or removed without full information about the event
  • IT engineers are confident that all components are monitored and managed
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