Hybrid Data Center<br>Infrastructure Management

Hybrid Data Center
Infrastructure Management

UMBOSS 4E combined with FNT Software's Data Center Management provides true end-to-end management of your whole hybrid data center and cloud infrastructure.

Unified data center infrastructure management

Achieving end-to-end management of your network, data center and cloud requires full-blown resource inventory that can cover it all:

  • detailed room documentation with information on floor plan, racks, HVAC, UPSs, power generators etc.;
  • detailed passive cabling management;
  • detailed active equipment documentation;
  • detailed logical resources documentation;
  • capacity management and planning;
  • change management.

To deliver these features, UMBOSS 4E joins forces with FNT Command Data Center Management (FNT DCIM) – an ultimate solution to manage network, data center and cloud resources.

Native integration of UMBOSS 4E ADM with DCIM allows automatic discovery and reconciliation of resources. UMBOSS 4E FM and PM work together with DCIM to provide alarms and performance data enrichment as well as live-data power and cooling management.

There is much more to it. Take a look at how UMBOSS 4E integrates with FNT DCIM and Microsoft HoloLens to provide augmented reality in your data center with UMBOSS Holoinventory:

FNT Command Data Center Management

FNT Software’s solution FNT Data Center Management is the central management and optimization solution for your data center. It gives a comprehensive and integrated view of your entire data center resources including:

  • Capacity, power, cooling, and space planning, including a 3D footprint
  • Real-time power and temperature data
  • Detailed rack, server, cabling and connectivity documentation and planning
  • Dashboard-based analysis of important data center metrics
FNT Data Center Management

Benefits of deploying a centralized resource management system:

  • Faster troubleshooting when integrating with other IT systems (ITSM, fault and performance management, etc.)
  • Centralized management of all resources
  • Full transparency across all physical and logical resources
  • More efficient use of existing capacities – CAPEX reduction
  • Improved efficiency in day-to-day operations – OPEX reduction
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