Designed by engineers for engineers, UMBOSS 4E enables complete data center, network and cloud infrastructure management of your enterprise IT.

IT infrastructure management with a touch of telco

Our engineers have incorporated their mixed telecom and enterprise IT experience into a software product suite called UMBOSS 4E. It provides your enterprise with a unified platform to manage data center, cloud and network infrastructure.

It integrates with, and consolidates data from, all other existing IT management systems. Its single pane of glass portal provides your IT engineers with a 360° view over enterprise IT resources, their performance and the means to manage any outage or degradation easily.

Modules that understand your IT

UMBOSS 4E is a suite of modules that you can combine to build the right IT management solution for your needs. With multiple module combination possibilities, you create an integrated hybrid infrastructure management solution:

a diagram of UMBOSS 4E Modules

Umbrella and modularity – a perfect match

  • Cross-platform management
  • Fully vendor-agnostic and vendor-independent
  • Fault, performance and inventory management all under one hood
  • Fault and performance data consolidation
  • Resource discovery and resource inventory management
  • Mapping of network, data center and cloud inventory with fault and performance data
  • 360° visibility over all data
  • Designed to integrate with existing IT environment
  • Full search functionality across all available IT domains

These benefits help you do more:

  • Insight into hybrid data center infrastructure health status
  • Prompt reaction to any problem
  • Quickly resolved issues
  • Hybrid data center and network outages minimized
  • Fully supported IT infrastructure operations
  • Timely management reports
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