UMBOSS 4E Portal

UMBOSS 4E Portal

The UMBOSS 4E Portal provides a "single pane of glass" experience to IT engineers and other technical support staff by aggregating data from all sources and displaying it on one screen.

360° view of your entire monitored infrastructure

The UMBOSS 4E Portal Module is a vehicle to achieve unified management of your IT infrastructure. It consolidates data available in UMBOSS 4E modules and external systems of your enterprise such as ITSM, CMDB, etc. The configurable GUI displays all cross-correlated data.

With cross-domain smart search capability it provides a 360° view over data center, cloud and network infrastructure and other relevant company data.

diagram of UMBOSS 4E Portal

Its data model encompasses technical and non-technical parameters and is mapped to master data sources through its Integration Point Adapters (IPAs).

Key features

  • Cross-domain search and filtering
  • Visualization of data from external IT systems
  • FM, PM and inventory on one screen
  • Access to all reports
  • Toolset for troubleshooting
  • Security/user rights management
  • 360° view over all available data
  • Customizable dashboards
  • IT infrastructure topology view
  • TeleScope: UMBOSS’s freehand interactive topology
  • Data export and import

How your IT operations benefit

  • IT engineers have access to all the data needed to fix the issue quickly and correctly
  • IT team is presented with federated data needed for its operations
  • Enriched alarms enable immediate reaction to specific networking, data center or cloud issues
  • Information can be provided to third party systems such as ticketing
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