UMBOSS v3.1 – Raising the bar

UMBOSS v3.1 – Raising the bar

The UMBOSS development team continues to raise the bar by focusing on user experience improvements and service level agreement monitoring. In the past few months, they’ve worked hard at developing and testing another big UMBOSS release with important new functionalities.

With more than a hundred tasks completed to bring UMBOSS v3.1 to completion, this release includes numerous beneficial features and improvements.

By improving the UMBOSS Portal presets users have even more flexibility in customizing their graphical user interface (GUI). Alarm refresh intervals, alarm table severity colors, and ordering of alarm table columns are some of the many options that can be preset so engineers can jump right into their work upon logging into UMBOSS.

Portal presets screenshot

UMBOSS v3.1 introduces new service level agreement (SLA) functionality that enables engineers to be more proactive with regard to alarms and faults of important enterprise customers. Now users can specifically monitor critical time periods and set customized SLA parameters, so they are one step ahead of degraded service availability.

UMBOSS 3.1 SLA funct

Finally, the alarm management panel has been improved and introduces sleek new time-saving features which make managing alarms easier. More customizable options provide engineers with the confidence that nothing will escape their eyes.

screenshot of new UMBOSS 3.1 alarms dashboard

Telecommunication service providers and data centers already using UMBOSS can count on improved operational efficiency and faster troubleshooting.

If you’re actively looking for a network and service assurance solution or have any other questions about UMBOSS, book a demo today to see these new functions.

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