Inceptum and 6D Technologies strategic OSS/BSS partnership

Inceptum and 6D Technologies strategic OSS/BSS partnership

Inceptum and 6D Technologies have partnered up to support telecom operators in their journeys to become intelligent telecommunications service operators and digital value creators

Inceptum and 6D Technologies have joined forces to transform OSS/BSS digital landscapes of telecommunication providers worldwide.

Both companies recognize that transformation focus is shifting from being functionality-centric to being customer journey-centric, as telcos can no longer survive by just provisioning voice or data services.

While moving away from being just communications services providers to becoming digital services providers, important OSS and BSS back-end processes need to be continually advanced and aligned.

The goal of this partnership is to execute complex telecom transformation projects and provide a means for achieving end-to-end service provisioning and operational support excellence.

6D Technologies has developed end-to-end and all-inclusive intelligent telecommunication solutions for operators to maximize revenues and profitability. Inceptum provides end-to-end telecom operations support solutions that complement 6D’s BSS capabilities.

Inceptum’s flagship product UMBOSS provides the unified management of telecom network and service resources across domains by integrating and consolidating data from all OSS and BSS systems. Its single pane of glass portal gives operations engineers a 360° view over resources, their performance, services provided and customers served.

We are proud to be partnering with 6D Technologies, a dependable global technology partner of digital service providers. Our expertise in umbrella OSS, and network and data center operations excellence, combined with 6D Technologies’s experience in offering digital BSS solutions, can only mean one thing: high-level turnkey digital transformation projects.

We are already working on a number of opportunities where products of both companies perfectly match customers’ requirements.

Zdenko Vrdoljak, CEO of Inceptum

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