Inceptum and Intraway Develop Closed-Loop Orchestration System

Inceptum and Intraway Develop Closed-Loop Orchestration System

Inceptum and Intraway Develop Closed-Loop System to leverage Network and Service Assurance data to Orchestrate Network Services and Field Service Activity

Inceptum, a leading Network and Service Assurance vendor, and Intraway, a leading global provider of Operations Support Systems (OSS) no-code cloud-native provisioning solutions, announced today the development of a Closed-Loop orchestration system that allows operators to leverage real-time information into effecting changes to the network to initiate and manage provisioning flows based on detection of different utilization levels, faults, and events.

Newly developed Closed-Loop system to be introduced at TM Forum DTW in Copenhagen

Recently developed and to be introduced at the upcoming TM Forum DTW Conference in Copenhagen from September 20-22, the system will illustrate two use cases. The first will show how one could trigger an upsell process for a customer utilizing a link above a specified utilization for some period of time. As a threshold is exceeded, a prompt to the customer will be generated to select, and if chosen, initiate a provisioning process to select a service from a catalog, validate acceptance of the service from a contractual standpoint, and then actually provision the new service automatically.

The second use case, more tuned to field service activities, will demonstrate the initiation of a provisioning process, ticketing, and service actions based on a faulty device parameter. Based on fault management data in UMBOSS, the system will start a repair process mapped in Symphonica, which will trigger (new) device discovery and a series of notifications for network operations to ensure the service is up and running properly.

Please visit Inceptum’s booth # 313 at Digital Transformation World to see these two use cases in action:

Use case 1 – Trigger an upsell process

A business customer has 100 Mbps uplink speed and UMBOSS is monitoring the CPE and the uplink interface. Uplink bandwidth is fetched from external service inventory and set in UMBOSS FM (Fault Management) as reference information.

The uplink bandwidth threshold is set to 80%. If the uplink bandwidth threshold is violated for three consecutive hours UMBOSS triggers a workflow in Symphonica to start an upsell process:

  • “Better” service is selected from the product catalog
  • Notification is sent to the customer to confirm that new service is acceptable
  • Notification is sent to the customer assigned key account manager
  • If customer does not respond in three days, a new notification is sent
  • If customer does not respond in addition three days, key account manager is notified, and the process stops
  • Once the customer confirms the new service, the provisioning process is started to change the uplink interface configuration
  • Service inventory is updated

The new uplink bandwidth value is updated in the UMBOSS FM reference database and the alarm is cleared.

Use case 2 – Initiate provisioning process, ticketing, and service actions based on a faulty device parameter

UMBOSS monitors optical power (TX and RX) on core/aggregation device interface and if the optical power is above a defined threshold a repair process is started in Symphonica.

  • Create work order for a field technician to replace the SFP
  • Send notifications to affected customers
  • Field technician confirms that the SFP is replaced
  • Tigger new device discovery in UMBOSS to fetch new device information
  • Wait for one day
  • If optical power alarm is not cleared create a work order for field technician to perform OTDR measurements on the link
  • If measurements are not within specification, replace a cable/fiber

Inceptum – Telecom OSS. Done right.

Improving and transforming complex operations is what Inceptum does best. They’ve created UMBOSS, their flagship umbrella OSS software product that provides the unified management of telecom network, hybrid data center, and cloud and network infrastructure across domains.

UMBOSS is modular, vendor-agnostic, and battle tested in network and service monitoring, NOC/SOC operations, analytics, and planning. If your goal is to manage your OSS better by reducing costs and simplifying operations while evolving into a service and customer-centric operator, look no further. UMBOSS gets the job done, right. With Inceptum you’ll experience a results-driven relationship, as demonstrated by their numerous partnerships with system integrators and telecommunication service providers around the world.

Intraway has radically simplified Telecom OSS

With over 40 million subscribers successfully served in more than 20 countries over three continents, Intraway specializes in driving fixed line and wireless operators’ Digital Transformation projects with a 100% success rate. Supported by a staff that clients claim is a natural extension of their team, Intraway supports “Telco Cloud” initiatives for operators looking to reduce OpEx and migrate BSS/OSS functions to the Cloud.

Their globally deployed, award-winning Business Process and Service Orchestration platform, Symphonica, is a no-code, cloud-native, telco-grade orchestration and service activation platform for automating the entire life cycle of services orchestrated across multiple networks and technology domains. Whether Communications Service Providers (CSPs) want to increase agility through automation, modernize their operations or embrace digital transformation, Symphonica has them covered.

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