Partner network

Partner network

Our reseller and integration partners:

The people at Antecna don’t consider themselves heroes. But they are truly inspired by them. Gathering people with various experiences in their team, mentored by older, driven by younger, they aim to deliver outstanding bytes of code. Making bulletproof software is their passion, but they know that applications can be puzzling. That’s why they are doing their best to demystify the software they make. Feel free to become a part of their hero story.

Based on more than 15 years of experience and proven capabilities in delivering complicated CEM projects for more than forty customers across Europe, Bulb Technologies has developed the Cempresso CEM product suite.

Bulb Technologies believes that Cempresso is the only platform for customer support digitalization that an enterprise needs. Moreover, Bulb’s solutions cover the entire interaction lifecycle (from contact center to issue resolution) and enable:

  • Cross-functional process improvement and automation,
  • Digitalization and omnichannel adoption,
  • Process optimization and orchestration.

With the Bulb portfolio, companies can achieve various benefits such as higher productivity and cost reduction, greater accuracy, improved customer experience, higher employee satisfaction and revenue, and improved operational excellence.

With more than 70 years of experience, Iskratel is the leading European ICT provider for the digital transformation of the telecommunications, transport, public safety, and energy industries. With its own R&D and manufacturing centers, over 900 employees, and a global footprint in more than 50 countries, Iskratel combines experience and expertise with creativity and innovation.

Lintas Teknologi Indonesia is an expert and leading system integrator in the telecommunication industry. Operating and supported with over 300 highly skilled professionals in the telco industry, they are committed to achieving the highest possible services levels that ensure service continuity and a positive end-user experience. They believe that innovation technology sustainability maintains their customer’s experience rate at its highest.

MEP Ltd. offers solutions and services using a “turn-key system“. They are focused on solutions for critical power and cooling equipment for data and communication centers, industry, public sector, trade, and maritime services. Furthermore, they are representatives of world-recognized companies such as APC by Schneider Electric, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, KOHLER/SDMO, STULZ, TEKSAN, Wartsila, CSB Energy Technology Co. Ltd., and Hitachi Chemical Energy Technology Company (FIAMM batteries).

STORM Computers has positioned itself as one of the leading Croatian companies in the development, implementation, and maintenance of complex and comprehensive business information and communication systems. By understanding the importance which IT technology plays in daily operations and with regular care for the continuous acquisition of knowledge about global trends in technology, the company confirms its expertise in close cooperation with the world’s strategic and technology partners.

Supracontrol was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from a project within Supranet. Development started in 2007 when they decided to create their own solution designed primarily for data centers. Over the last couple of years, they have expanded their niche by developing more flexible solutions to cover even more industries.

With STORM Computers we support top-notch complex data center, networking, and communication solutions in the Adriatic region. 

Together with Inceptum we offer customers end-to-end solutions that truly fit their needs. UMBOSS adds immense value to our portfolio.

Tomislav Kraljik, CEO of STORM Computers

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