Pro-Ping Telekom enhances its NOC with UMBOSS

Pro-Ping Telekom enhances its NOC with UMBOSS

Pro-Ping Telekom deploys UMBOSS - a network and services assurance suite designed by Inceptum engineers that makes unified NMS a reality.

Pro-Ping Telekom, a regional operator with its operations concentrated in northern Croatia, continues to improve the quality and stability of its services with new investments in its network management system. Its Network Operations Center (NOC) is now enhanced with a solution based on Inceptum’s flagship OSS product UMBOSS.

The quality of telecom services has always played a crucial role in Pro-Ping Telekom’s competitive approach in the market. They have significantly extended the reach of their own optical and wireless network infrastructure resulting in a steadily growing number of customers. The size of their network and the quality of services provided simply reached a point where existing management tools couldn’t cope with the challenges of daily network operations.

In order to improve the quality of services provided to a continuously growing customer base, Pro-Ping Telekom made the decision to improve its internal technical operations by deploying a next-generation network management solution. The solution chosen among numerous competitors was UMBOSS by Inceptum.

This is the year to focus on rising the quality and stability of our services. One of the first steps towards this goal is the implementation of Inceptum’s solution for the management of our network infrastructure – UMBOSS.

We started its implementation at the end of last year and expect Inceptum’s OSS solution to significantly improve network assurance and consequentially the services provided by Pro-Ping Telekom.

Marijan Rengel, CEO of Pro-Ping Telekom

UMBOSS is a modular, umbrella solution that enables management of service fulfillment and its assurance by automating daily operations of a telecom’s network and services. UMBOSS Automatic Discovery and Reconciliation Management allow discovery and reconciliation of all network devices. With all devices under control, UMBOSS provides a unified view of all network resources: inventory, performance, alarms, and customers using the resources.

The whole concept of network infrastructure monitoring and management using UMBOSS will allow Pro-Ping Telekom to radically lower the time to react and resolve any network issue. As a consequence, services will have higher quality and stability.

Advanced network and services management systems have always been reserved for large operators that have the financial and technical capacity to deploy such a solution.

Successful deployment of Inceptum’s UMBOSS in Pro-Ping Telekom, a great example of agile regional operator, has brought them the same quality of network and service assurance as we bring to our largest telecom customers.

The ingenuity and hard work of Pro-Ping Telekom’s experts is now supported by a management system that guarantees sustainable quality of services and continuous expansion of Pro-Ping Telekom‘s network and customer base.

Zdenko Vrdoljak, CEO of Inceptum

This is just the first step in the future development of BSS/OSS systems in Pro-Ping Telekom. They will continue to invest in other areas of OSS and BSS, aiming to provide their customers with service excellence and great experiences while using their telecom services.

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