Telecom OSS.<br>Done right.

Telecom OSS.
Done right.

Umbrella OSS will have your telecom covered
End-to-end, customer service management taken to a new level
Data center, network and cloud operations improved and optimized
Network, service and customer data visualized on a single screen

UMBOSS is Inceptum’s flagship software product suite that provides the unified management of your telecom network, data center and cloud resources across domains.

Vendor independent and battle tested in network and service monitoring, NOC/SOC operations, analytics and planning.

UMBOSS Network & Service Assurance Suite

UMBOSS is a modular umbrella product suite that addresses critical challenges in service assurance processes. It improves your daily network and data center operations.

Fault Management

The UMBOSS Fault Management (FM) Module collects and processes events from heterogeneous, multi-technology, and multi-vendor communication networks.

Performance Management

The UMBOSS Performance Management (PM) Module provides collection of large volumes of performance data from any source, its storage in a normalized form and advanced processing and analysis. The most popular SNMP and non-SNMP collectors are supported out-of-the-box.

“Single Pane of Glass” Portal

The UMBOSS Portal provides a 360° view over your network, services and customers, all on a single screen. It is an immense toolset that allows your network engineers to test, monitor and troubleshoot different aspects of your services so you can quickly resolve any technical issues that may occur.

Automatic Discovery and Reconciliation Management

The UMBOSS Automatic Discovery and Reconciliation Management (ADM) Module provides a fully automated discovery of physical and logical network resources in a heterogeneous network and IT environment. Network inventory is always accurate and up to date.

Resource Inventory Management

The UMBOSS Network Device Management (NDM), Address Book (AB) and Configuration Management (CM) Modules help with device and topology inventory, locations, customer data and device configurations.

Service Quality Management

The UMBOSS Service Quality Management (SQM) Module measures and manages the quality level of your service toward customers. Collected data is compared against established quality indicators and presented to relevant stakeholders.