UMBOSS Resource Inventory Management Modules

UMBOSS Resource Inventory Management Modules

UMBOSS NDM, UMBOSS AB, and UMBOSS CM together help you manage your device and topology inventory, locations, device configurations and customer data.

Create essential device inventory to manage your network and data center

If your current project doesn’t include scope for inventory software but you still have to store information of the devices you need to manage, UMBOSS solves this situation with its NDM Module.

The UMBOSS Network Device Management (NDM) Module is an essential device resource inventory required to store information on devices and network topologies. It serves as a reference for complete fault and performance monitoring.

UMBOSS NDM is fully integrated with UMBOSS ADM (Automatic Discovery and Reconciliation Module) providing out-of-the-box discovery and reconciliation of device inventory and logical resources data.

Device and topology data capabilities

  • Device name, DNS, IP address, vendor, product and serial number
  • Customer and location assignment to device
  • Device role management
  • Device management methods: SNMP, SSH, Telnet …
  • Device modules’ data: name, description, reference, SN, version, hierarchy …
  • Device interfaces’ data: name, alias, description, administrative status
  • Schematic topology view
  • Geographical topology visualization: Esri, Google Maps …
  • Fully integrated with UMBOSS Reporting

Fill the gaps of your OSS/BSS environment

What if you’re missing external CRM or simply cannot integrate with it, but need information on customers and locations? For this purpose UMBOSS provides an immediate solution – a virtual little black book.

The UMBOSS Address Book (AB) Module is a data store for customer data, their locations and related contacts. In case your OSS/BSS environment is lacking a CRM, it acts as its replacement.

UMBOSS AB is natively integrated with NDM to provide a full spectrum of data over network, services and customers. Fault and performance data is also enriched.

Once devices are onboarded, configurations are next on the list. If no existing configuration management is in place, UMBOSS will help with its CM Module and undertake your essential configuration management needs.

The UMBOSS Configuration Management (CM) Module keeps track of all  device configurations and their changes thus minimizing time to troubleshoot problems.

It performs collection, storage and versioning of network device configurations. UMBOSS CM provides on-demand and scheduled jobs and comes with out-of-the-box support for most common vendors.

Ready to experience these benefits?

  • One stop replacement for missing external inventory
  • Reconciliation of network and data center resources
  • Documentation of crucial device and topology inventory data
  • Location data correlated with devices and topologies
  • Customers’ data associated with locations and devices
  • Device configuration for easier troubleshooting and outage recovery
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