UMBOSS Service Quality Management

UMBOSS Service Quality Management

The first step in the transition from network-centric to service and customer-centric operations is the implementation of Service Quality Management (SQM) procedures and software solutions.

From network-centric to service and customer-centric

The UMBOSS Service Quality Management (SQM) Module enables telecom operators to manage end-to-end quality of a service from a customer’s perspective and transform a network-centric monitoring approach into a service and customer-centric monitoring approach.

A diagram showing the steps involved in the transition from network-centric to customer-centric operations  and demonstrating Service Quality Management (SQM).

UMBOSS SQM enables telecom operators to monitor and manage the level of services they are delivering to their customers. Service quality measurements are collected and compared against established quality indicators, and the conclusions are made available to interested parties.

A diagram showing how UMBOSS SQM is situated within the UMBOSS Portal

It is crucial for service engineers to identify any network performance issues that impact customer service. They also must quantify revenue loss due to service degradation.

UMBOSS Service Quality Management (SQM) Module
UMBOSS SQM – Service Modeler

Key features of UMBOSS SQM

  • Data collection and aggregation – collect data from a diverse range of sources in a multi-vendor environment, such as UDR data, traffic performance data, network alarms, etc.
  • Service modeling – create service models based on service descriptions from product and service catalogs
  • KPI/KQI calculation and analytics – easily create key performance and key quality indicators calculation algorithms by combining different mathematical and aggregation functions on collected data
  • Actionable insight – create actions that are triggered based on threshold violations or rules to proactively change network equipment configuration
  • Visualization – get access to all service quality related data in one single pane of glass experience screen
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