UMBOSS Network & Service <Br>Assurance Suite

UMBOSS Network & Service
Assurance Suite

Designed by engineers for engineers, UMBOSS enables successful OSS transformation and empowers your people to improve operational efficiency.

UMBOSS stands for umbrella OSS

Our engineers have embedded their experience into a software product suite that is a true implementation of UMBrella OSSUMBOSS.

It integrates with, and consolidates data from, all OSS and BSS systems. Its single pane of glass portal provides your operations engineers with a 360° view over resources, their performance, services provided and customers served.

UMBOSS is a vehicle that helps evolve your telecom into a service and customer centric operator.

Modular at the core

Thanks to its modularity, UMBOSS can be used as an umbrella for your existing OSS, green field OSS projects, or anything between these two ends.

With multiple module combination possibilities, you create an integrated umbrella environment that suits your needs:

UMBOSS Modular Architecture

Umbrella and modularity – a perfect match

  • Fault and performance data consolidation
  • Designed to integrate with existing OSS and BSS environment
  • Resource discovery and resource inventory management
  • Fault, performance and resource inventory management all under one hood
  • Fully vendor-agnostic
  • Mapping of network, data center and cloud inventory with fault and performance data
  • Service inventory to map services to resources
  • Resource performance data mapped to customer, service and other business data
  • Full search functionality across all OSS and BSS data domains
  • 360° visibility over all data

These benefits help you do more:

  • Insight into network and health status
  • Prompt reaction to any problem
  • Quickly resolved issues
  • Network outages minimized
  • Fully supported NOC
  • Timely management reports

UMBOSS expands beyond assurance

UMBOSS, with technology partners, expands its reach to include the full range of OSS with solutions covering:

  • Service fulfillment
  • End device management
  • Closed-loop automation
  • Analytics
  • Ticketing
  • etc.

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