UMBOSS v2.19 – functionality that fits your NOC

UMBOSS v2.19 – functionality that fits your NOC

Our engineers know what it feels like when the pressure is on to find the source of an alarm, have topology at your fingertips, or produce slick graphs with just a few clicks. Feedback from our clients regarding the functionality they need to troubleshoot faster and easier is also part of what drives UMBOSS’s development.

As such, we’ve released UMBOSS v2.19 which includes a huge update to graphing possibilities and functionality.

Now UMBOSS users can create unlimited custom graph dashboards, each containing multiple graphs related to their specific points of interest (e.g. graphs related to voice interconnection, intercity links, power consumption in a data center, etc.).

screenshot of the new Graph Dashboard in UMBOSS 2.19
Graph Dashboard in the UMBOSS Portal

Each graph dashboard can be shared with a group of people with the same interests. Multiple graph types are available, including line graphs, stacked line graphs, area graphs, or stacked area graphs.

Additionally, two or more graphs can be summed to show commutative values related to different monitored variables.

These time-saving features are sure to benefit NOC/SOC engineers in maintaining, monitoring, and managing their networks.

If you’d like to see the new graph dashboard or any part of UMBOSS in action, book a demo today.

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