Manage network performance across domains to get complete insight into its health

Manage network performance across domains to get complete insight into its health


Which performance system is for what?

Consider the following example: a telecom provider has a FTTH network managed by its own vendor-specific (e.g., Huawei 2000) element management system (EMS), DWDM with its own EMS (e.g., Ericsson SOME), and its core network monitored with generic PM. All three systems work independently from each other as they belong to three different units within your organization.

Troubleshooting in such a setup means you have to inspect different data in different systems, and perhaps even overcome organizational boundaries. You have to use a lot of imagination and effort to figure out what’s wrong.

Absence of a unified approach simply makes daily operations difficult and has a negative impact on your network’s overall quality.

Efficient network operations require unified performance management

The UMBOSS Performance Management (PM) Module is designed to consolidate performance data originating from multiple collectors: SNMP, non-SNMP and EMSs. It provides unified insight into the overall performance of your network across different domains. The schematic below describes this umbrella concept within a performance management landscape.

UMBOSS Performance Management flow chart

Key features of UMBOSS PM

  • Collection of performance data (PD) from different sources and their normalization and store
  • KPI modeling and calculations for improved insight
  • Detection of threshold violation with upper and lower value warnings: minor, major, and critical thresholds for different time periods of day, week, month, and year
  • Advanced analytical functionalities such as: trend predictions and forecasting, proactive reporting, automatic threshold suggestions
  • Administration tool allows configuration of all performance metrics, object types and graph templates with feature-rich graphing properties
  • All performance data is accessible from the UMBOSS Portal, one easily searches for an object and selects performance variables to inspect
  • Performance data is easily exported in various formats for further use and processing

Benefits of unified performance management

  • Single performance management across different domains
  • Unified performance analysis of network and IT performance
  • End-to-end visibility and reporting
  • Preemptive reaction to forthcoming network or computing issues
  • Higher availability of network, IT systems and services
  • Faster troubleshooting with relevant data
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