UMBOSS 3.8 – new powerful functionalities

UMBOSS 3.8 – new powerful functionalities

Managing the alarm lifecycle and events while having historical data that provides context which can then be used for accurate forecasting is important in the world of network and service assurance and key factors in minimizing downtime.

We’re happy to announce that UMBOSS 3.8 has been released with specific upgrades that further improve these already present areas of our software.

Event management upgrade

In the area of event management, functionality has been added that enables the acquisition and display of all events that are not mapped in an alarm (e.g. syslog messages or SNMP traps). More improvements to this functionality are planned for the future.

Forecasting upgrade

With regard to forecasting, new functionality allows the prediction of monitored values and the ability to generate alarms for metrics that will meet that value in the future. For example, an alarm is generated three months before disk space is full so an engineer knows to plan for disk expansion, which is a time-consuming process in itself.

Alarm management panel upgrade

The alarm control panel, part of the UMBOSS Portal, has been upgraded to provide better alarm lifecycle tracking and status options.

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