AR in Data Centers: our vision and plans
AR in Data Centers

AR in Data Centers: our vision and plans

Be a part of the journey as we create and develop UMBOSS Holoinventory 2 and UMBOSS Remote Assistance . . .

How it all started – a quick recap

Before we jump in and explain what awesome products we are working on, it’s best if we revisit the original UMBOSS Holoinventory pilot project that started it all . . .

To recap, it was an augmented reality (AR) technology demo that exploited the capabilities of Microsoft HoloLens 1 (2017) interlocked with Data Center Infrastructure Management by FNT Software and UMBOSS 1.x to provide a useful and practical AR application in a data center environment. It performed amazingly well.

Take a look at the now-classic demo video created with this concept solution:

Since then Microsoft has continued to develop HoloLens, one of the best AR systems in the world, and released Hololens 2 at the end of 2019. Compared to HoloLens 1 it solved a major deficiency: a huge amount of weight on the nose. Now, with HoloLens 2, weight is evenly distributed between the nose and the back of the head. And as an added bonus, hair now stays intact and eyeglasses don’t need to be removed. In other words, it is really a practical product for use in data centers.

Thanks to the parallel development of Azure’s technology called Spatial Anchors available since February 2019, we’re finally ready to implement holograms with a high-precision overlay and stability thus enabling an intelligent and powerful AR experience for engineers working in data centers.

Hands-free technology and AR holograms result in faster support and troubleshooting

In light of these positive technological developments, we are now developing two separate products, both based on Microsoft HoloLens 2.

Both products aim to advance and enhance operations for data center engineers, with the goals of higher productivity and easier and faster troubleshooting.

  • UMBOSS Holoinventory 2 – focuses on freeing up an engineer’s hands as much as possible while providing all the necessary inventory data, combining physical objects with AR holograms, and tools to help do the job quicker and more precisely.
  • UMBOSS Remote Assistance – this product is also hands-free and provides collaborative troubleshooting and data center management as it connects onsite data center engineers with in-office experts. When difficult situations arise, data center engineers can rest assured that they can count on getting the job done, fast.

Here’s where we’re at – let us know your thoughts!

Do we have a roadmap for this future product? Yes, definitely! But every product starts with an essential idea and organically develops to satisfy the demands of its future customers. We’ve already implemented essential capabilities but we want you, our audience, partners, and critics, to help us fill in the gaps in our generic roadmap. Check out the video below and then let us know what you think.

Get in touch and send us any comments, questions, functionality suggestions, or whatever else crosses your mind. We look forward to hearing from you!

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