Partner program

Partner program

There’s just one reason >> value

We could list a dozen reasons why you should partner with us, but every company’s business model, challenges, and goals are different. Yet, there is one common denominator.

The one and only reason why we partner up? To create more value for your customers.

We are looking to partner with >>

Network system integration companies

Do you supply your customers with leading-edge networking solutions? By partnering with us, you have a fantastic opportunity to make your solution proposal complete. By adding UMBOSS as a key component, your customer will get insight into their network’s performance and troubleshoot problems fast.

BSS vendors and integrators

Are you faced with a customer that needs complete transformation of its BSS/OSS landscape? This is exactly where UMBOSS and Inceptum can help you cover it all.

BSS/OSS systems integration companies

Does your project lack a proper umbrella OSS product that will help you gain an edge? UMBOSS will provide this edge. With our powerful platform, your solution will get the boost it needs and give your customer precisely what they want. A win-win situation.

Technology vendors

UMBOSS is based on Inceptum’s genuine technologies and created by our expert engineers. We enable technology vendors to utilize our product as part of their product portfolio or embed our technology into their technological products. Bring more value to your customers and expand your portfolio.

IT system integrators

Do you deliver IT computing systems to your clients by combining hardware, software, networking and storage products from multiple vendors? This is a perfect setup for introducing an umbrella, vendor independent management platform that allows your clients to manage the system easily and efficiently. By partnering with Inceptum, you will use UMBOSS and our know-how to bring the better value to your clients.

The success of our partners is the reason behind our growth.

The core Idea behind Inceptum and our flagship product suite UMBOSS is creating new value for telecom operators and IT organizations. UMBOSS is always an important component of every solution that our partners deliver to their clients.

Zdenko Vrdoljak, CEO, Inceptum

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