Ops life is easier with UMBOSS

Ops life is easier with UMBOSS

Check out how UMBOSS
improves everyday situations in
network and service operations
person looking at data on wall to wall screens

Consolidate alarms from multiple network domains to get a unified view over your network

big data graph, performance data

Manage network performance across domains to get complete insight into its health

map of world with network connections displayed, black background, on a tablet like a platter

Raise NOC/SOC operations to a new level

a red arrow in the middle of a bull's eye, hitting a target

Localize alarms in your network quickly and precisely with
alarm enrichment

a person holding a tablet with network connections and topology virtually sitting on top of it

Automatically discover network inventory data to get your whole network under control

a globe with different connections connected to it and around it

Discover your network topologies to learn how it’s all connected

a finger touching a circular virtual panel, continuous scanning

Continuous scanning assures your whole network is being monitored

a busy NOC, Network Operations Center. People looking at large monitors

Prevent disaster by monitoring the environment of your Data Centers and POPs

a NOC or SOC, screens on the walls for easy monitoring

Bring telco to enterprise by simply sharing your NOC

sales people around a desk having a meeting, looking at graphs on their tablets

Boost telecom B2B sales with your OSS data

field technician looking out over a cityscape, holding a yellow hard hat

Minimize field activities caused by power outages

Data Center Infrastructure Management

Manage power and cooling growth in your data center efficiently

internet cable on top of a screen with code, IP addresses

Document data center resources by using automatic discovery

UMBOSS integrates with Meraki, ClearPass and the network to provide a unified view over the whole setup

Meraki & ClearPass: why you need unified WiFi service management

Get rid of the silo by placing the network and VMware platform under an umbrella

Correlate IaaS VMware and network alarms to fix issues fast

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