Technology partners

Technology partners

Any Device. Any Protocol. Any Service. Any Time. AXIROS manages all THINGS. The world of telecommunications and IoT needs control. Axiros offers control with high-quality solutions for seamless Open Device and Service Management. The business mission of Axiros can be summarized as follows:

  • Any Device: They monitor and interact with any device in near real-time.
  • Any Protocol: They can utilize any device protocol and any interface available for this purpose.
  • Any Service: They can orchestrate all the flows and decisions between all your devices, services, and OSS/BSS systems – nearly without intervention and agnostically.
  • Any Time: They process data and events in real-time and support all use cases which rely on immediate action on “data in motion”, e.g. for service processing, predictive maintenance, and analytics.
  • They manage all THINGS: They are the No. 1 choice for telcos, service providers, and device manufacturers worldwide for open, vendor-independent (IoT) Device Management.

Based on more than 15 years of experience and proven capabilities in delivering complicated CEM projects for more than forty customers across Europe, Bulb Technologies has developed the Cempresso CEM product suite. They believe that Cempresso is the only platform for customer support digitalization that an enterprise needs. Moreover, Bulb’s solutions cover the entire interaction lifecycle (from contact center to issue resolution) and enable:

  • Cross-functional process improvement and automation,
  • Digitalization and omnichannel adoption,
  • Process optimization and orchestration.

With the Bulb portfolio, companies can achieve various benefits such as higher productivity and cost reduction, greater accuracy, improved customer experience, higher employee satisfaction and revenue, and improved operational excellence.

FNT Software is a mid-sized company that has been owner-managed and independent for 25 years and today employs over 350 people at several locations in Germany, the USA, London, Singapore, Moscow, and Dubai. FNT Software’s products are being used by more than 500 companies worldwide.

FNT’s Command Platform captures highly complex and heterogeneous IT and telecommunications infrastructures and data centers in a uniform data model. It maps this information in a digital twin. It handles all data, manufacturer independent, from the physical to the business service levels. Based on this digitalized infrastructure, companies can plan and manage their IT, data center, and telecommunications landscape more easily, eliminate faults faster, and manage transformations and changes more efficiently.

Although often separate, Network Operations and Security Operations teams share a common goal – a stable and healthy network. Kemp Flowmon can handle on-premise, cloud, or virtual environments and will integrate with most solutions out there. The UI is simple and deployment takes 30 minutes. There is no duplicity of effort; just one tool. 

The solution collects rich network telemetry data from various sources and analyzes it for any relevant information. Using machine learning, heuristics and advanced analytics, it improves network performance, alerts on incidents and enables early threat response. 

Supracontrol was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from a project within Supranet. Development started in 2007 when they decided to create their own solution designed primarily for data centers. Over the last couple of years, they have expanded their niche by developing more flexible solutions to cover even more industries.

With our partner Axiros we help customers achieve more with automation and Open Device & Things Management.

We are excited to advance the standards in automation excellence together with Inceptum.

Kurt Peterhans, CEO of Axiros

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