The UMBOSS Portal provides a "single pane of glass" experience for Network Operations Center (NOC) and Service Operations Center (SOC) engineers and other technical support teams.

360° view of your entire monitored infrastructure

The UMBOSS Portal Module is a true implementation of an umbrella concept. It consolidates data available in UMBOSS modules and other OSS/BSS systems. The customizable GUI displays all cross-correlated data.

With cross-domain smart search capability it provides a 360° view over network, data center, IT, customers, services, CRM, billing, inventory and other organizational data.

UMBOSS Portal schematic

Its data model encompasses technical and non-technical parameters and is mapped to master data sources through its Integration Point Adapters (IPAs).

Key features

  • Cross-domain search and filtering
  • Visualization of data from external OSS/BSS systems
  • FM, PM and inventory on one screen
  • Access to all reports
  • Toolset for troubleshooting
  • Security/user rights management
  • 360° view over all available data
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Network topology view
  • Network heatmaps
  • TeleScope: UMBOSS’s freehand interactive topology
  • Data export and import

How your NOC/SOC benefits

  • NOC/SOC engineers have access to all the data needed to fix the issue quickly and correctly
  • NOC/SOC is presented with federated data needed for its operations
  • Enriched alarms enable immediate reaction to specific network issues allowing for call deflection in the provider’s call center 
  • Information can be provided to third party systems, like ticketing and customer-facing self-care portals
  • End-customer gets proper and timely feedback
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